Two-in-one Design: This coffee scoop integrated sealing bag clip which can help create a secure seal on bags of filter coffee, beans, prevent the ail flow into the food to keep coffee fresh and tasting great by sealing the bag after use.

 Convenient: This coffee scoop precisely can accurately measure quantities for coffee machine, filters, percolators. The spoon holds 1 tablespoon of coffee which is usually enough for one cup of delicious, freshly brewed coffee. It's ideal choice for coffee or drink lovers.

 Long Handle: The coffee tea spoon has long handle design, which make it easy to scoop the coffee from tall containers and coffee bags. And it's easy to clean, just need simply wipe under hot water or throw them in the dishwasher.

 High Quality: The measuring coffee scoop is made of high quality thick, and food grade stainless steel material which is durable and practical, no plastic attachments, quite strong and will not rust. A good choice for coffee or drink lovers.

 Wide Application: Apart from measuring coffee, they can also be used for scooping tea powder, baking powder, liquid, sugar, baking soda, spices and other condiments.

Stainless Steel Coffee Spoon & Bag Clip