Rhoeco is a word formation inspired by the Greek word ‘ροή’ [rhoē] -meaning flow-, ecology [eco] and cooperation [co]. 
This team of young professionals, ecology enthusiasts and herb lovers, who research, experiment, analyse and finally found decent and experienced producers to become their suppliers.

Proud of their products, they guarantee the high quality. They pick and collect the season’s harvest to their certified facilities where it is produced and packed their blends in small batches. The whole process is made by the group, by hand, with honesty and integrity.

"Plant It" project
1. Find the seed stick on the underside of the lid. It is glued with organic herb seeds of some of the varieties that we use in our blends.

The organic herb seed mix on each seed stick contains: chamomile, mallow, sage, lemon balm, thyme, and hyssop. 

The glue is natural and ecological. When it gets incorporated to the soil, it benefits seed growth.

Seeds are for planting purposes only. Do not eat them.

2. Fill the container with soil and embed the seed stick to a depth of 90 mm.
Water everyday, when seeding change to a bigger pot.


MOUNTAIN herbal tea blend is a combination of three different Greek mountain tea species. It is a full-bodied blend which can be enjoyed any time of the day.
This beverage is perfectly balanced releasing the distinctive lemon undertones that characterise mountain tea.

Certified organic.
Naturally caffeine free.
You can enjoy it both hot and cold.

For a more intense flavour and taste, we suggest that you prepare it with the traditional brewing method: put the indicated portion of herbs in a small cooking pot and boil it for approximately 5'. Let it rest for 3' before you strain and serve.

You can add a teaspoon of honey, a slice of lemon and a sprinkle of cinnamon or clove if you want to spice it up!

Organic Loose Tea - MOUNTAIN